We never charge a payment fee and accept all major credit cards as well as Chase QuickPay, Behalf and Bank Transfers. Click here to learn more about Behalf financing.

All international orders must be paid for with a bank transfer.

Please wait until you receive a final invoice before submitting a Chase QuickPay, Bank Transfer or Behalf payment. 

There is no option to submit your credit card information upon checkout. After you place your first order, we will contact you via telephone to request credit card payment information if that is your preference and/or discuss all payment options with you. 

We securely store that payment preference and use it for subsequent orders unless we are instructed otherwise. 

Security note: no one at Medusa has access to your credit card information after it is stored initially. We can also send you a link so you can send it to us securely without giving it to us directly.

We are actively exploring allowing accepting payments in ฿itcoin. Stay tuned!

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