It might have a fancy name, but the program is pretty simple.

You get a Medusa Coin for every dollar you spend.

You can also earn coins by telling a friend about Medusa. 

When they sign up and make an order, you'll get 5000 coins and they get 10% off their first order. Sometimes, it does pay to share secrets.

It's easy to use Medusa Coins as well.

You use them to receive discounts on your orders. The more you save up, the more you save. It's really simple. When you have enough coins saved up to receive a discount, you can apply your discount at checkout. No coupon codes to remember.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I spend Medusa Coins?
You can spend your coins by logging into your customer account and then clicking on the Insider launcher on the bottom left. Under the 'Rewards' section, you can click 'Redeem' next to the reward that you want to claim!

How much does it cost to join?
Joining Medusa Insider is free. It's our way of saying 'Thank You!' for choosing Medusa!

Is there a limit to how many Coins I can collect?
There is no limit. Collect as many coins as you want.

Do I earn coins on shipping fees?
No. Coins are only earned for product purchases.

How do I know how many Coins I’ve earned so far?
Log in to your account and then click the Insider launcher on the bottom left.

Do Medusa Coins expire?
Nope! They’ll stay on your account forever!

Can I share my Medusa Coins with my friends?
Coins can not be shared or transferred to other customers, but you can refer your friends to join Medusa and they’ll get a discount and you'll get more Coins!

I didn't mean to redeem my Coins, can I get them back?
Unfortunately we cannot undo the usage of Coins.

Can you adjust my Coin Balance for past purchases?
Coins are accrued since the start of the Medusa Insider program and cannot be retroactively applied.

Can I use my rewards in addition to a promotion or other discount code?
No, your Insider discount code cannot be combined with any other special promotion or discount code.

Can I join the program if I am outside of the U.S.?
Yes! Everyone is welcome to join.

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